Monday, March 15, 2010

Nx35 at A Creative Art Studio

Saturday was a tremendous day in the Studio. We have almost finished hanging the new art for the show and celebration on March 27th and the new Photography gallery is almost ready. Saturday was also a day full of music and for our Nx35 unofficial show we had 5 groups play their original works. The Studio is really a great place for an intimate concert and everyone in attendance seemed to agree. The show was kicked off by the Wheeler Sparks group and Wheeler performed his beautiful songs written for his grandfather. Very nice. Following Wheeler Sparks was singer and piano player LaLagray. Her unique style and voice totally captured your heart. The Early Birds performed several tunes that were great and had quite a following. Clint Niosi played his folksy acoustic set demonstrating that he is an accomplished guitar player as well as songwriter. Special guests from Brooklyn, New York, completed the show. I would highly recommend checking out any of these fantastic musicians. Music and art, what a great combo....Robin

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