Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sculpting a Face Class

May 24, 2011: Linka Behn recently taught a class on sculpting a face with air-dry clay at the studio. If you are familiar with Linka's work you know that she often paints faces and is able to capture so much emotion and feeling in her work. In this class she taught the students to create faces with personality using air dry clay and simple clay tools. When completed the faces could be mounted on a pedestal or added to a work of art. Nice job guys. Those faces definitely had attitude!....Robin

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beautiful Stained Glass

Recently I did a commission job for a couple that lives in a log cabin near the Oklahoma Border. This stained glass was to be installed in a home bar that would be backlit and the design was to have a Native American flair. The stained glass took about three weeks to complete and is now in it's new home. I loved working on this window and found such joy each day looking at the beautiful colors.

Encaustic Monotype Workshop with Deanna Wood

In May, Deanna wood gave a workshop on Encaustic Monotypes. In this process you use the encaustic technique to create beautiful one of a kind prints. Encaustic has been around a long time. In fact, encaustic painting were used to depict Mummies in ancient Egypt. The process uses wax and pigment which can be used to paint images on surfaces or to embed images into layers of the colored wax. Lots of possibilities with this medium. Check out the pictures of the workshop!

First Friday Denton with Fritz Schwalm

First Friday Denton at A Creative Art STUDIO is always a lot of fun, but June was one of the best gatherings. Fritz Schwalm, singer/songwriter was a definite audience pleaser with both his original and cover tunes. Linka Behn, artist extraordinaire, lead visitors in creating the community abstract art painting. This masterpiece was created with signatures of people at first Friday followed by everyone painting in all areas created by the signature's intersecting lines. The results are pictured and I think it came out pretty neat. The art is always amazing at the studio and also changes frequently so stop in and see what is new.