Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fire Threatens Local Art Gallery 
It's been a while since I have blogged but over the past few months the studio has been undergoing a metamorphosis.  Actually, I guess it could be compared to a Phoenix rising out of the ashes......literally.  Most people who have visited the studio and gallery know that we have an apartment above us.  On March 15th, 2015, the apartment above A Creative Art STUDIO had a kitchen fire.  No one was home that day but I was told that the electric burner had been left on and a fire broke out in the kitchen.  We were lucky in so many ways in that we were open and were able to discover the fire, the fire department arrived very quickly and our damage was limited to some smoke, soot and water from the hoses.  All the water came down the middle of the building instead of down the walls which were covered with Denton's beautiful artwork.  In the beginning it was thought that we would only be closed a few days for repairs. but now a few days have turned into a few months.  My son was able to put together this video taken on the day of the fire.  Check it out.
Video:  Fire Threatens to destroy part of the Historic Denton Downtown area

We are extremely grateful to our wonderful Denton Fire Department and their quick response and measures that saved our art.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Old Arty

Who the heck is "Old Arty" you might ask?  Two years ago I felt that I needed something that would help people find the studio so during a hot August week I decided to create a flag.  At first I wanted to do a complicated triangle pattern but it was soon abandoned for a flag that could resemble the look of stained glass and was a little easier to sew.  Using rip-stop nylon and my trusted sewing machine, "Old Arty" was born.  Feeling a little like Betsy Ross, my flag flew proudly in front of the studio.  Unfortunately a rip-stop nylon flag out in the Texas heat and winter cold....should I mention rain and hail.... doesn't last more than a year.  Once again the holes are patched, the rips are repaired and my flag is happily flying again.

Friday, July 5, 2013

First Friday Denton "Girl Power"

July brought a fantastic First Friday Denton.  One of my favorite artist, Mick Burson, was the featured artist of the month.  His work is fresh and clean with a focus on the home.  Many of his works are done on wood panels with paint and stain and often looks like wood inlay.  Most of the work on exhibit is from his series "I should have stayed Home".   Our "Girl Power" Music was provided by Cassie Kidder and Julia Runge.  This was the first time they had performed at the studio.  Singer/songwriters are soulful performers and the crowd was not disappointed.  For our community art project we took to the sidewalks for chalk art.  Music, art and friends make a great combination for a Friday evening.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Music and Art Collide

On March 9th, 2013 we had an "On the Shoulders of 35", a music happening featuring the incredible music of local Denton.  Fritz Schwalm, leader of the group Uver, led the way creating a wonderful day of music and art.  We had nine bands play at the studio.  Did you miss this event?  Check out our photos of the fun evening.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Wassailfest and Holiday Lighting Festival, 2012

In Denton, Texas the holiday season is kicked off by the Holiday Lighting Festival which is held in the Downtown area.  The studio is located just off the square on Oak Street and nothing is more fun than to  deck the halls in the studio, make a large vat of Wassail and celebrate the season.  At this festival we featured the Denton High School orchestra  Ensemble.  Music filled the Gallery with the sound of the holidays and delicious Wassail was had by all.  What's my secret ingredient in my Wassail?  I'm not telling.


Friday, July 6, 2012

First Friday Denton, July 6th, 2012

July 4th was a very busy holiday week.  After a very special July 4th and Twilight Tunes community art project on July 5th on the historic downtown square, we had a wonderful First Friday event at A Creative Art STUDIO.   Music was kicked off by Unon Y Mous, a local guitar duo that features Will Frenkel and Andrew Wahlert.  Following Will and Andrew, Kylee Pannel, singer-songwriter, impressed the crowd with her beautiful voice.  Richard Haskins sung from the heart and wowed the crowd.  We had several artists demonstrating art techniques that they will be teaching in upcoming classes.  Ava Dunlap showed studio visitors how versatile hand built clay techniques could be.  Tina Alvarez, who is a trained touch drawing facilitor, demonstrated the technique that she will be teaching in August and Crystal Nelson took gelatin and showed how you could use it to make beautiful prints.  I love Volkswagons and so to continue the VW community painting theme, we painted a VW van using acrylic paints and sponges.  Both the bug painting and VW van painting will be used for the Main Street event, Arts, Autos and Antiques which is held on the Denton square in September.  Check out our photos!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Creative Art STUDIO at Twilight Tunes, July 5, 2012 , Denton Texas

 Last Thursday Denton had the final Twilight Tunes performance on the square for the season.  This evening Lisa Markley, UNT graduate student, performed for the crowd.  We were asked to set up a community art project for the event so I decided since I love Volkswagens so much, the community painting would have a VW theme.  I drew the bug on some recycled plastic material and stretched it on cardboard and everyone used sponges to apply the paint.  The Denton Community Market was also set up with their wares along with other community minded businesses.  This was just a great event and lots of fun meeting new people.  Denton is one of six cities that has been nominated for the most fun city in the USA and I think it is events like this that make Denton so special.