Saturday, August 31, 2013

Old Arty

Who the heck is "Old Arty" you might ask?  Two years ago I felt that I needed something that would help people find the studio so during a hot August week I decided to create a flag.  At first I wanted to do a complicated triangle pattern but it was soon abandoned for a flag that could resemble the look of stained glass and was a little easier to sew.  Using rip-stop nylon and my trusted sewing machine, "Old Arty" was born.  Feeling a little like Betsy Ross, my flag flew proudly in front of the studio.  Unfortunately a rip-stop nylon flag out in the Texas heat and winter cold....should I mention rain and hail.... doesn't last more than a year.  Once again the holes are patched, the rips are repaired and my flag is happily flying again.