Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beautiful Gift to the City of Denton

Last January we finally got to get a mural on the side of our building. Since opening the studio in 2009, I have always wanted a public piece of art that all could enjoy. Mick Burson, UNT student, artist and general all round wonderful person was the person to do it. With lots of paint, a very tall scaffold and nerves of steel for heights, Mick carefully primed, laid out the design and painted this incredible piece of art. His friend, Chris, wanted to learn from Mick about painting murals and was a great help through the whole project. The mural took three days to complete. (Did I mention that I thought that it would take a few weeks?). Watching Mick and Chris paint the mural was like watching dancers on the wall. As the colors unfolded I knew that this would be a gift to the City of Denton that many people would enjoy. Thank you Mick, Chris, Bill, Ann, Gi Gi and all who helped this dream become a reality.

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