Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Return from the Windy City

Recently I got to take a quick trip to the Windy City. I spent a lot of time visiting other art galleries, charming towns in Michigan as well as a quick trip to Wisconsin. On my final day in Chicago I got to ride the train into the city. Getting out at Union Station was quite the treat for me. Like an ant, I followed the stream of people to a street level. I had traveled with my parents to Union Station when I was very young on the Santa Fe Railroad and I remembered that as a child the station alone seemed like a small city. Walking very quickly, I made my way to The Art Institute of Chicago where I saw the incredible collection of masterpieces. Rooms filled with Monets, a huge hallway filled with Rembrants as well as getting to see Picassos and Van Goghs. Beautiful enamel works, sculptures and metalworks as well. What a treat to get to visit the Institute. Of course, one day was by no means enough to see everything there but I did see as much as I could until my brain was on total art overload. Just a few pictures to share some of the sights....Robin

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