Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Night at the Studio

Yesterday was a late night at the studio. I was in a jewelry making mood and thought I would make some glass pieces to incorporate into my jewelry. Fused glass is made by heating compatible glass in a kiln until the glass becomes molten which usually happens at about 1500 degrees. These jewelry pieces were taken to a "full fuse" which means the different layers of glass were taken to such a high temperature that they look like one piece of glass. The incredible colors are made by using dichroic glass which is glass that has a special coating. The magic of dichroic glass is that it reflects one color and transmits a different color so it's color appears to change when you look at the glass from different angles. When you fuse glass you have to let the glass anneal in the kiln which means you slowly bring the temperature of the kiln down. If things cool too fast, things can shatter. The first picture is a "before" picture of the glass in the kiln and the second picture is an "after" picture of the completed jewelry pieces. These colors make me think Spring is just around the corner. ; ) Robin

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